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Jean-Jacques Rojer plays Jacobo Palm

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Le trip

[wonderplugin_audio id=”1″] In 2010 I moved from the tiny Caribbean island of Curacao to Europe, intending to settle in Paris, with stops in Amsterdam and Madrid along the way. All in the name of adventure. To make things easier I decided to make an album using the bare minimum necessities – i.e. all I had at the time, having left and / or sold most of my instruments and recording equipment.
First task – composing. All through that first summer and fall I took every little experience, every face, every place, and used them, warped them, muddled them into notes.
Then came recording – all done between October 2011, in the carpeted backroom of a retro- Parisian apartment and April 2012, tucked away in small closet space in a tall Amsterdam house. I hid under a twin-sized cotton mattress to create a makeshift sound screen; a pile of stacked books collected during our travels doubled as my mic stand; while recording additional percussion, my friend the percussion player, was covered in white sheets to gain better acoustics.
Everything was recorded into Logic 9 on my MacBook via a Tascam sound interface using a Shure SM57 microphone I bought in Paris, especially for the project. (Apologies to the non- techies for that line) My friends Vernon Chatlein (under those sheets), Oscar Bor and Ralph Durgaram all lent a helping hand – or two – during the last phase of production with additional percussion, mixing and mastering.