Jean-Jacques Rojer

Jean-Jacques Rojer performed in New York City in 2007 as part of Paquito D’Rivera’s young artist concert organized by the Weill Institute at Carnegie Hall in New York city. Later that same year he had the privilege to perform with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra at the “Beyond the Spanish Tinge” concert given by Paquito D’Rivera and Wynton Marsalis.

Rojer grew up in a very musical family on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. His father, Robert Rojer, besides being a professor of medicine is also an acclaimed pianist and composer and a direct descendant of Jacobo Palm and Jan Gerard Palm. The Palm family has been an integral part of the Curaçao music scene for almost two centuries. His uncle, Jacques Rojer, founded the Curaçao Jazz foundation and was also the owner of the first Jazz bar on the island.

If I had to think of a guitarist that is creative, versatile, professional and lots of fun to play with, Jean-Jacques Rojer will come to mind immediatelyPaquito D'Rivera

Rojer developed an interest in music at a very early age and started taking guitar lessons with various teachers on the island. In his teens, after dabbling mostly in rock music, he became interested in Jazz and Caribbean music and started studying these styles more in depth. After finishing his electrical engineering studies at the University of the Netherlands Antilles, Rojer attended the Royal Conservatory in the Hague, Holland, graduating cum laude in 2003.

In addition to guitar, Rojer has also studied classical piano with his father and later on with with Wim Statius Muller. He also learned to play  the Cuban “tres” guitar  with Israel Gonzalez (former member of the legendary Septeto Nacional Ignacio Pineiro). In Holland he studied jazz with Eef Albers and Frans Elsen.

In September 2010 Rojer’s project of the time, Mulato Collective, was one of the main acts at the first Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival

Jean-Jacques Rojer plays Jacobo Palm, Rojer’s new album is just out. It features Randal Corsen, Kris Berry and many more. Send me a private message at for a hard copy. Click here to buy or here to listen.

Rojer currently resides in Amsterdam where he plays and teaches. For more info on this please visit

Guest Appearance
Furthermore, Rojer has worked and made guest appearances with the Metropool Orchestra, Ilan Chester, Andy Narell, Phillip Harper, Izaline Calister, Marjorie Barnes, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Randal Corsen, Fra Fra sound, Kris Berry and many others.